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Why am I saying yes?

It's because you see the potential in Life Coaching. You want more freedom and purpose in your life.

Coaching isn't easy, but I don't believe any great career is easy. You are also here because you want to learn from someone who has done it before. In my case, I've been a successful, full-time life coach for over 10 years.

I'm are excited to help you, but want to make sure we are a good fit for each other.

Please indicate in your correspondence which type of request you have (an inquiry about Coach the Life Coach courses, to hire me, etc).

I will return your request as soon as possible.

Important: Please do leave me a contact phone number if you use the form or e-mail. We will only use this if we cannot contact you via e-mail, but occasionally people mistype e-mail addresses or over aggressive firewalls stop e-mails going through.

(+1) 407-334-4692 (Tim)

tim (at) coachthelifecoach (dot) com

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