My name is Tim Brownson, and I'm a Life Coach.

Almost a decade ago if I were to say that to somebody I would have got a confused look. In 2005 few people had heard of Life Coaching and even fewer knew what it was and they were often eager to learn.

These days when I tell somebody what I do for a living I’m more likely to get an eye roll and a comment like, “Not another one, isn’t everybody?”

The explosion in people turning to Life Coaching as a career has been nothing short of astounding.

I have to credit the training companies in promoting coaching as an easy way to earn money and helps others at the same time.

Unfortunately, both of the above are hard to achieve because clients are incredibly difficult to attract and therefore with no clients you cannot possibly help anybody.

Coach The Life Coach

What is this all about?

Sometime around early 2010 I started to notice I was attracting more and more clients who were Life Coaches themselves. In almost every situation they were struggling either with getting to grips with coaching, attracting clients, or often both.

It became apparent that even those who had undertaken formal training, often after paying thousands of dollars, were ill equipped to succeed in an industry that was taking no prisoners.

In the years since then I have worked with almost 200 Life Coaches and started to see a trend in what was missing and where I could help coaches the most.

The net result was Coach The Life Coach was born and the first trial course started on Saturday, May 11th, 2013.

Why Should I Trust You?

That’s a great question as there are a lot of coaches offering to help other coaches, so what makes me any different?

I can point you to my own Life Coaching website that attracts upwards of 50,000 unique visitors per month.

I have over 12,000 subscribers and at the time of writing (things can change) I am on the first page for the term ‘Life Coach’ in not just the USA, but many other countries.

I have a high profile in the Life Coaching industry and have recently been approached to write a book on Life Coaching for publication in the UK and USA.

I am also the co-author of ‘How To Be Rich and Happy’ a book that has been published in countries as diverse as China, Canada, Netherlands, France, Taiwan and Germany, with more to come!

I have a proven track record of success with not just attracting clients, but being able to help them when I do attract them.

In short, I have been there and done that.

And I don’t mean to be arrogant about that, but so many people giving advice to coaches haven’t managed to achieve what it is they are advising.

What About The Course?

You can see the format of the course here, however, that is open to change and the course is always evolving as I get a feel for what coaches really want.

The course does not end after the last module either. Anybody who attends a course will always have access to all the new material I will be adding to a members only areas. 

Google doesn’t stand still and neither does Social Media, so what may work today may not work tomorrow in terms of attracting clients so it’s important to keep up to speed.

What Questions Can I Help You Answer?

Drop me a line by using my contact form, or give me a call at 407-334-4692.

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