Amazing Life Coach Training Offer – Honest!

We are getting closer to the relaunch of A Daring Adventure (due late May) and I’m pumped.

Not just because it’s a shiny new site that I like the look of, but because it finally allows me to put in place all of the stuff that I talk to you about, but haven’t always included myself.

The last 4 or 5 months since my previous designer bailed on me lock, stock and barrel because I decided to use a friend to do the A Daring Adventure site, have been somewhat challenging.

She was responsible for all my design updates both for A Daring Adventure and Coach the Life Coach and as such they have come to a halt and hurt me.

Whereas I do use themes for the sites, both have been extensively tweaked and recoded so it’s not simply a question of dragging and dropping or inserting text to make changes, as is often the case with many blogs.

So for this year I’ve been surviving on duct tape, ham-fisted changes by myself, a little outside help that didn’t go as well as expected and a hope that people didn’t notice I wasn’t entirely practicing what I was preaching.

It’s not super cool when I’m doing a site audit with another Life Coach to say, “Here’s my site and this good and so is that and maybe even that, buuuuut maybe I wouldn’t do that if I were you”

But the reality is, things change and what worked 4 years ago when my site was launched, isn’t necessarily what will work now.

Anyway, that’s a rather contrived intro explaining that I’m looking forward to writing a post explaining the methodology behind all the changes and why we think it will convert better than my current site and how you can benefit with your own site.

Coach The Life Coach

That’s all in the future, but for today I wanted to give you the heads up on two things.

The next Coach The Life Coach starting on May 25th has been full for some while.

However, I do have one person looking to change courses. If you are interested in hopping on the course shoot me an e-mail and we can probably make it happen.

From the first trial I have limited the course to a maximum of 8 people.

That was partly because the platform I was planning to use at the start could only handle 8 people plus the host on a call at one time, and partly because I wanted to keep the calls intimate.

That’s changing and will be 10 from here on in. After having run 6 courses with the trials I’m confident it won’t make much if any, difference, to the group dynamic and the software can deal with up to 12 people.

It also allows me to keep the cost down and offer some great Life Coach training deals more easily and also bring some pro bono attendees on board, and here’s one (an offer that is) now.

Here’s The Deal On The Life Coach Training Offer (or offers)

The next course after May 25th will start on Sunday August 10th at 12 noon EST which is quite a way off.

The cost will be $1,299 as per the last two, although I’ll possibly introduce an early bird discount very soon, but it won’t even be close to the following deals.

I am putting 2 places up for grabs for just $599, which is less than half the normal price.

I am also putting up just one place for $799 that includes a place on the August course (or a later course, if more convenient) and 2 sessions one-on-one with me, either before, during or after the course finishes.

In good old marketing speak, that’s a $1600 value for $799. Yay!!!!!!

The only criteria is payment is due in full for both offers when we agree we are a good match and it’s non-refundable if you merely have a change of heart or decide you can’t make it.

Of course if I cancel the course for any reason then it will be refunded in full.

This offer may generate crickets chirping and tumbleweed or I may be killed in the stampede of people desperate to take me up on what is probably the greatest offer since Russia said to the US,:

“You vont Alsaka (chortle, snicker)??? Ok my friends you can have that wasteland full of ice, fish, Moose, and big nasty bears and stuff, it but vee vont at least 7 million of your US dollars!” (they had strange German sounding accents in those days)


Why Am I Doing This? Am I Stupid, Broke, Or Just Altruistic?

After all it doesn’t make much sense on the surface, does it?

Of the 6 courses to date all bar one have sold out, so why give money away?

If you were signed up to my newsletter you’d know the reason because I send out regular posts that start with, “An Insiders Guide”.

In them I spill the beans on all kinds of things I don’t talk about on the blog, such as the answers to the above questions.

You get the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

You can sign up in the box below, if that is, you want to get to see under the hood of how I run two Life Coaching businesses.