What Is Your Best One-Minute Life Hack?

I have shared with you before (presuming you’re on the newsletter list, and if not, why not?) how useful Quora can be.

In case you’re not familiar with it, Quora is an ask engine.

Google struggles to answer search queries that are abstract. Ask it what the capital of France is and it loves you because it knows it will deliver you the result you want.

But if you ask it, ‘what’s it like to be shot whilst wearing a bullet proof vest?’ it will look at you like your insane and probably offer you a coupon for $10 off Tommy John vests for men.

Quora on the other hand loves questions like that (and yes that’s an actual question that was asked on Quora I was reading a while ago) because it almost certainly has somebody signed up that can offer an informative reliable answer.

Google now searches Quora for questions it cannot answer and so I have been using it to raise my profile, hopefully appear in the SERP’s (search engine ranking pages) and just because it’s a load of fun.

The title of this post was a question on Quora, or more accurately, ‘What are the best 1-minute life hacks?’

Some were really cool and some less so.

Here’s my answer (slightly edited since):

If you want a life hack toward improved happiness do two things.

Spend 30 seconds every day contemplating a happy memory or achievement you’re proud of. It could be something new or something from a while ago,

Then spend the other 30 seconds (preferably just before bed) listing either to yourself, or preferably in a journal, 3 things you are genuinely grateful for.

Make them different every day. And yes, you absolutely can think of three things even if it’s something like being grateful for having a gratitude journal!

Both these methods are scientifically proven to improve mood, boost self esteem and increase happiness levels and when spending just one-minute they give you more bang for your book than anything else possible.

What would yours be?

Leave me a comment and if I get 5 or 6 good ones I’ll put a post together showcasing them and highlight your undoubted brilliance.

Just make sure it’s on sell development and not how to get red wine out of a shirt using a bottle of vinegar an aardvark and two members of Motley Crue.