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10 Things No Life Coach Should Ever Do

I had another Life Coach trainer start following me on Pinterest the other day As a rule I don’t tend to follow back, not because I’m arrogant or aloof, but because I’m already following more boards than I can keep track of. But this one piqued my interest as it was called ‘The Life Coaching Academy’, […]

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The Point Of Being A Life Coach

As I leaned into the trunk of my car to lift my golf clubs out the cell phone in my pocket started to ring. I instinctively slid my hand into my pocket to answer it, but almost immediately decided against doing so and hoisted my clubs over my shoulder. I met my friend in the Pro […]

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biting thye bullet

Why It Can Be Good To Lose Subscribers

From an online perspective there is nothing as important for the success of your Life Coaching practice as to build your newsletter list. Your list will become your life blood both for clients and when you have products to sell. They are your most loyal advocates because they fall into the realm of permission marketing. […]

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Are You Ready For A Taste Of Freedom?

My wife has been going through a tough time lately. She lost her mum to pancreatic cancer earlier in the year and has been struggling to come to terms with it. The fact that she’s four and a half thousand miles away from her family only exacerbates the situation and makes her feel isolated. Last […]

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