The Embarrassed Life Coach

  With almost a decade of Life Coaching under my belt I have had my fair share of successes and like any coach, my fair share of failures. I have also had my fair share, or maybe even more than that, of embarrassing situations. So as I get all excited about the launch of the […]

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Do You Give Free Advice?

Firstly, a big thanks to Chris Gaskill and those of you that attended our SEO webinar on Monday. Chris did a stand out job of providing high quality implementable information that any Life Coach can utilize to improve their online visibility and gain more clients. If they wish that is. I consider myself well versed […]

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I Really Should Lie To You

You are being lied to on a daily basis. Advertisers and marketers lie to you. Big business lies to you. Retails store lie to you. Car dealerships lie to you.  TV schedulers lie to you. Insurance companies lie to you. Hospitals lie to you. Banks lie to you. Government and the opposition lie to you. […]

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The State Of Life Coaching

In 2005 when I became full-time as a Life Coach the industry bore no resemblance to what it looks like today.  When I moved from the UK to Orlando in early 2006 and set up my coaching practice there was almost zero competition. At that time I could only find another 3 Life Coaches operating […]

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