when to say no

Do You Know When To Say No?

In the previous post I asked, ‘What Does Life Coach Mean?’  It wasn’t a flippant question as you may imagine seeing as I call myself a Life Coach, but a look at a term that many people either dislike or struggle to explain. And that’s just the coaches, the general public for the most part […]

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curing a fear of flying

This Is Why We Coach

As you probably know, one of the things that bugs me with the traditional  Co-Active coaching model used by the ICF, is that it’s absolutely brilliant right up until the point it isn’t. If I were to recommend one coaching model and one alone, it would be the Co-Active approach, but in my opinion it’s […]

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12 Cool Life Coaching Questions

I frequently get asked by people what are the skills needed to be a successful Life Coach. Fortunately, and presuming you genuinely want to help people and like interacting with others, then the most important ones can be learned. Whereas I’m sure there are some people who have innate abilities that makes coaching come more […]

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