A Truly Killer Life Coaching Niche

I was working with a Life Coach just recently who took the Coach the Life Coach course almost two years ago.

He had a website set up and was attracting excellent organic traffic levels considering he wasn’t putting that much effort into it, but he wasn’t doing any coaching.

He is what I call a, ‘just one more’ Coach.

A ‘just one more’ Coach always feels they have to do just one more training, take one more workshop or read one more book before they are ready to start coaching.

This can be a good thing if there are lots of knowledge gaps, but also it can be paralyzing and is by no means always necessary.

Coaching is a Practice and as such we are constantly refining and tweaking our skills as we gain more and more experience.

I have been coaching full time for eleven years, but I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve. And I always will be, that’s just the nature of what we do, or at least it should be.

Building Confidence

We got to talking about Mike’s practice and looking at what was holding him back.

The thing that holds many coaches back (other than the already mentioned belief they aren’t ready to coach) is purely and simply a lack of clients and I presumed this was the case with Mike.

I was wrong.

One of the modules on the course is on niche marketing and it’s crucial for many new coaches.

I had the benefit when I started coaching of having little competition. As such, finding a niche was far less important than it is now, so I didn’t bother.

Some people wrongly presume that ‘getting people unstuck’ is a niche. It isn’t.

Every client who comes to me, is to some extent, stuck.

Sure it seems like a niche and it definitely speaks to somebody who feels stuck, but it’s far too broad to be classified as a niche.

A Killer Life Coaching Niche

Mike has a killer Life Coaching niche and not one I had ever considered, or even heard of for that matter.

His was his Myers-Briggs type (MBTI) of INFP.

There are sixteen different types and if you don’t know yours, you can take the test here.

I’m an ENFP for what it’s worth, so there same as Mike with the exception of me being extrovert and him introvert.

Mike had cleverly bought a number of domain names that included INFP and as such was killing it with quality inbound traffic.

When he told me the traffic he was getting I was impressed, but was even more impressed with the engagement.

Unless you’re relying on advertising on your site to make money, high traffic levels are not as important as lower level engaged traffic.

I get over five times the amount of visitors to A Daring Adventure as we get to Coach the Life Coach. However the traffic here is far more targeted and far more engaged.

I get lots of visitors to a handful of posts that went viral and show up near the top of the SERP’s (search engine ranking pages) under long-tailed keywords, but it’s of a low quality.

Targeted Traffic

Somebody landing on my site because they clicked on the link to a post containing great motivational quotes is very unlikely to then hire me or even sign up for my newsletter.

On the flip side, if you are a new coach and you land on a post here explaining ways of generating clients you are exponentially more likely to at the very least sign up to our newsletter.

Mike had uploaded a questionnaire from ‘Survey Monkey’ on one of his pages that was ranking highly for INFP careers.

Now imagine you are an INFP and you have typed ‘INFP careers’ into Google. You land on Mike’s site and he asks you for some feedback via a survey.

How likely do you think you are to express an opinion and fill in the survey?

The answer is very and the ratio of visitors to engagement i.e filling in the survey or signing up to his newsletter, was staggeringly high.

Are You Interested?

One of the final questions Mike asked was, ‘Are you interested in coaching?

I’m going from memory now and he can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think more than 200 people had said ‘yes’ over the last couple of years.

Holy shit, that’s incredible. Even if he only converted 50% that’s over a year’s worth of coaching.

Unfortunately Mike didn’t feel confident enough to coach (even though I most definitely think he could) and hadn’t responded to any.

Fortunately he’s got a great sense of humor and is easy-going enough not to be offended by me almost wetting myself laughing.

What would happen if you targeted a specific group of people that you understand well and created content they loved like Mike has?

You could be bringing in quality traffic that is ready and willing to engage with you.

They’re the best kind of visitors because they have already bought into you before you have even got them on to your list and started to create a relationship.

How cool is that?

Do You Want A Killer Nice?

If so, this post called Life Coaching Niches may help.