SEO For Life Coaches – Free Webinar

free life coach webinarI have no idea how many ‘free’ webinars I have been on over the last few years, but it’s quite a lot.

However, I almost never sign up for them these days and there is one main reason.

Almost every single one I have attended has been a sales call dressed up as a free webinar.

I’m not saying that none of them offer any value because they can.

However, when the person delivering an hours long webinar starts selling her services not much more than half way through as was the case with this one I attended, it becomes tiresome.

Don’t misunderstand, I realize that if somebody invests a lot of time and money in putting an on such an event that they are entitled to seek a return on their investment.

Up-Selling Works

Not only that, but it’s easier to sell to people whilst you still have them on the call than it is once they log off.

And it’s not even close.

It’s a lot, lot easier, especially if the host can build up a scarcity mindset by claiming there are 1,000 people on the call and only 10 spaces available for her premium product.

Or a time restricted offer that expires when the call finishes.

People don’t want to lose out and as such under such situations they don’t always act rationally.

Having said all that, I really don’t want to go down that route. if I run a webinar I want it to have massive stand alone value.

We all need a return on investment

Of course I’d still like to see an ROI, but in a different manner.

I’d rather people say:

“That was awesome, I must tell X about it’ .

Or, ‘that guy appears to know what’s he’s talking about, maybe I could hire him to help me with my Life Coaching practice’.

Than, ‘holy crap did I really just spend 20 grand on a personal coaching package’ (and yes I had a client who once did that).

Before the Holidays I ran such a webinar. It was meant to be an hour and ran closer to 2 and it was centered around the important elements of web design.

Whereas I was the host, the majority of the call was lead by Chris Gaskill who I have entrusted with doing a total overhaul and redesign on A  Daring Adventure.

As I said above the call was free to join for anybody on my newsletter list.

However, after that it was to be uploaded to the members area which can be accessed by people who have done the Coach The Life Coach or other coaches who have hired me.

SEO For Life Coaches

Only about 25% of the people subscribed to this list have access to the members area and as such (if you are one of them) you may be thinking “Pah, now he tells me, is this some kind of upsell?”

No, not at all, it’s advance notice that if you want to listen to the next free offering it will be taking place this Monday 20th January at 7pm Eastern Standard Time.

This webinar is probably even more important than the last one because it’s on SEO (search engine optimization).

It’s cool having a nice shiny website that people drool over, but it’s ultimately redundant if you cannot drive traffic to it, something that most Life Coaches fail to do.

And I do mean most including some who seem to think they can, but who’s stats suggest differently.

If you would like to be on the call please leave a comment telling me. Do NOT e-mail me, I need to have all the people in one place to I can strip out the e-mails and send you your invite on Monday.

I’m going to limit the call to 20 people and I will send the invites out at least 5 hours prior to us starting (maybe sooner) so that if you want to join by camera rather than just via audio you can download the Fuse Meeting app.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up in the comments, but only if you’re committed and are 99% certain you can make the call.