Where Do You Want To Be In 12-Months (and how will you get there)?

When I first started coaching back in 2005 there were scarcely any resources available for new coaches.

There were no companies offering backend software designed specifically to help coaches manage there clients.

There were no blogs dedicated to helping new coaches survive and thrive, or any free social media support groups, like the one I run.

And there certainly wasn’t a long line of people claiming they can help new coaches get high ticket clients, often from people who couldn’t get clients themselves.

Now it’s a veritable jungle out there for new coaches and if you don’t know what to look for it’s really difficult to tell who are the genuine people who have something valuable to offer, and who are the charlatans just looking to part you from your money.

Sadly in my experience, there are a lot more of the latter than the former.

About 18-months ago a friend of mine suggested I hook up with a coach who works with other coaches as he thought we maybe able to help one another out.

I won’t normally take these kind of meetings because it’s like when people ask you to just ‘hop on a quick call to see if we can find something mutually beneficial’ – you know probably setting yourself up for a sales call.

But, because I trusted our mutual friend I agreed to meet on Zoom.

We were about 15-minutes into the call when I asked him, ‘So why did you quit traditional coaching to start working with coaches?’

On the one hand I had to admire the guys honesty with his reply, but on the other hand I had to question his integrity.

‘I couldn’t get enough clients to survive’

I just started at him in shock for what seemed like an eternity before I could manage to say, ‘Seriously?”

Needless to say the conversation didn’t last much longer and neither did his new career from what I can gather.

Success Leaves A Trail – So Follow It!

There is a presupposition in NLP that ‘success leaves a trail’.

What that means, is that if somebody has done something, then physical and intellectual limitations notwithstanding, anybody can replicate what they did.

Why on earth would you try and figure out a load of stuff that has already been figured out by other people?

In a year I can pretty much teach any coach who is prepared to do the work, exactly what I know and how to implement what I know.

Almost certainly I have been where you are as a coach now because I have been through every stage in building a profitable practice.

I’ve been at the wide-eyed newbie who was going to save the world stage.

I’ve been at the oh my god I cannot make this work, I may have to quit stage.

I’ve also been at the I’m on the cusp here, just one more push and it will it happen stage.

And finally, I’m at the okay I’ve got pretty much where I want to be, now let’s maintain it stage.

This month and next month I have two year-long clients coming to an end and as such I’m opening up two spaces for the first time in almost 6-months.

I Can Help You Do What I’ve Done

One will be starting in early August and one in early September and will be working with me for the next year as we get you to be where you want to be.

Over that 12-month period I’m going to give you everything I know.

I will not only help you become the best coach you can be, but also to build a profitable practice that has you not just doing what you love, but getting paid the kind of money you need and want to earn to make it sustainable.

You can spend $10k or more on training, but what use is it being a great coach if you don’t have any clients?

I can not only teach you how to be a kick-ass coach, but get the clients you need for a lot less than ten grand.

My normal annual rate is $5,999 and for that you get me pretty much unlimited (you can read in full here). You can call me 7-days per week and if I’m not tied up I will talk to you because we’re forming a partnership and I’ve got your back!

You will also get, not just the material on both Coach the Life Coaches that is there now, but you will have access to the courses I launch in the future – although you may not need them when we’re finished!

So What’s The Deal?

As I say, the normal cost for this is $5,999 and usually doesn’t include future courses, but let’s sweeten it a bit for you and make it a no-brainer.

As such I will be slashing $2,000, which is a third, off the August start date and that will make it just $3,999.

And Ill take 25% or $1,500 off the September start date and you can grab that for $4,499.

If you’re curious why the prices are different, worry not I shall tell you when we speak presuming you’re interested.

However, this is not on a first come first served basis because I want to make sure I get the two most committed and resourceful coaches who are dedicated to being the best and most successful coach they can be.

I will leave this open until 6pm EST on Friday July 27th and then chose the people who I think who are going to be fun to work with and are going to totally crush it.

If you’re interested and would like to set up a time to speak, you can click here and send me an email or call me on my cell at 407 334 4692.

But don’t rush in, the isn’t to be taken lightly because I’ll demand a lot from you (and hopefully you will from me too), so you need to be utterly sure where you want to be in a years time.