My name is Tim Brownson, and I’m tired of
watching new Life Coaches struggle to survive.

With the explosion of Life Coaching in the last 2-3 years many Life Coaches now find they’re unequipped with the tools and skills they need to be competitive and to attract a constant flow of clients.

I created Coach The Life Coach for new, or soon to be Life Coaches who want to work with as many paying clients as possible while honing their ‘real-life’ coaching skills.

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Every day, new Life Coaches find themselves unable to create a successful and profitable practice.

What most coaches don't realize is that training is only one step. When you start your practice, you're competing with tens of thousands of coaches around the world.

So how do you stand out? Unless you know how to:

Build a strong web presence,
Define and then appeal to your niche,
Grow your newsletter list, and

Know how to over deliver and impress...

...then the harsh reality is, you're going to really struggle. You need life coach and business training.

I started my practice in 2005 with just 1 client. Today I have more than 12,000 blog and email subscribers and a schedule that is booked solid (with new leads arriving on a regular basis). I work from home with clients around the world and love what I do.

And I have tried just about everything in these past years to see what works and what doesn’t and that’s what I’ll be sharing with you through this site and the Coach The Life Coach Training course.

Coach the Life Coach helps you:

  • Understand that you need more than just a website. You need one that is found and easily converts visitors into customers
  • Build a social media presence that makes you visible, AND establishes your expertise and credibility
  • Use your blog as an effective marketing tool
  • Create a newsletter that can be used to generate leads and sales
  • Develop advanced coaching techniques and increase your value to your clients

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Lindsay Unger

Lindsay Unger

The CTLC program is for REAL, no-nonsense individuals ready to dive deep into the applications that truly define the life coaching industry. Coming from someone who has attended other coaching programs, Tim’s CTLC course is the BEST investment.


11 am EST, Sunday, 12th May

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Tracy Coan

Tracy Coan

Tim, you have made a HUGE difference in how my practice is being run now, and even more so to come. The next few weeks I’ll be totally redoing my website based on your recommendations. Lots of changes are about to happen. It’s exciting! Thanks so much for all you did in the class, and all you continue to add to it. I feel very fortunate to have been part of it.

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